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Collaboration is the key meaningful change in systems and classrooms. Jack will work with you and your constituents to identify mutually beneficial solutions to your educational challenges. First as a theatre teacher and later as an Educational Programs Consultant with the California Department of Education, Jack has developed collaborative skills by working on the following collaborative arenas:


Collaboration in the classroom- theatre is the ultimate collaborative experience involving designers, musicians, choreographers, technicians, and marketing and operational personnel. Jack has worked collaboratively as producer, director, and cast member in the education setting to meet jointly identified production goals for over 110 full length productions over 22+ years in the classroom.


Collaboration at the school site- working with Music, Dance, Theatre and World language colleagues Jack formed LAUSD’s first Performing Arts Department and founded the District’s only Bilingual Theatre Program.


Collaboration across agencies- at the California Department of Education, Jack worked with members of the California Arts Council (CAC), the California Alliance for Arts Education (CAAE), The County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA), California State PTA to Form CREATE CA, a national collective impact model supporting arts educational opportunity for all California students.


Collaboration with counties, district, and school site- Jack has collaborated across educational agencies to create and support programs like the AME Model Demonstration Site Programs, for technical assistance and AME program development, The TurnAround Arts Programs which use the arts as the catalyst for educational change in low performing schools, The Exemplary Arts Program which recognizes best practices in arts instruction in elementary and secondary schools, the Film and Television Pre-apprenticeship Programs connecting school programs to entertainment trade unions.


Collaboration with industry and the private sector- Jack was the lead educational advisor on the California Film Commission’s Career Readiness Program connecting Film production companies to schools and colleges. He formed the first Arts Media and Entertainment Statewide Advisory Committee strengthening the connection between AME Educators that the Creative industries.

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