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Supporting creativity in the classroom supports creativity in the workplace, and creativity in one's life.



AME Consulting works with teachers, schools, and districts to foster a creative learning environment for all students through partnerships with creative industry and identification of program strengths and community connections.


Jack Mitchell worked in the film and television industry for 12 years. He was a classroom teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 22 years. He co-founded the Bilingual Theatre Program at University High School in Los Angeles. He served as the California Department of Education Arts, Media, and Entertainment Industry Sector Lead for 13 years supporting the growth of the sector from 22k students to 231k students, the largest industry sector in California Career Technical Education. In addition Jack was a member of the National Arts Standards writing team for Theatre, and served as the Theatre Content Lead for the 2019 revision of the California Arts Standards and lead the 2013 revision of the CTE Model Curriculum Standards in Arts, Media and Entertainment.

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