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AME Resources

The following resources have been useful to CTE Teachers and Administrators over the past several years Many were developed collaboratively by AME Consultant, Jack Mitchell and various statewide thinking partners. For additional Statewide AME information please  visit

AME Standards: The sector specific model curriculum that for the foundation for AME Curriculum development-



CTE Credentialing: CTE credentials are distinct from content specific Single Subject Credentials. They are based industry experience and expertise and supported by educator preparation programs offered by state authorized teacher prep programs-

            OCDE CTE Teacher Credential Program Website


Curriculum and Distance Learning Resources: There are many resources to assist with curriculum development and the transition to distance learning. You may want to try



AME Background and overview- Pathways and sub-pathways: What is Arts, Media and Entertainment and how does it differ from and align with visual and performing Arts Programs?



Elements of a High Quality CTE (AME) Program (Ca Department of Education): What components need to be in place to be considered by both state and local CTE leaders to be a “High Quality” AME Program?


AME Regional Technical Assistance Sites: Where can I go to get more information about AME Pathways and see High Quality AME Programs in action?


California Film Commission Partnership:


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