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Evaluation & Development

The Arts, Media, & Entertainment Industry Sector is one of the most diverse and rapidly changing sectors in Career Technical Education. Developing and maintaining high quality AME pathways requires a comprehensive understanding of AME industry and the AME classroom. I will utilize an array of proven tools and 22 years of classroom experience to strengthen program quality and industry connections.

Collaborative Visioning
It all begins with a vision. Whether you are building an AME Pathway from scratch, or transitioning a Visual or Performing Arts program into the career focused AME environment, you must have a vision to prepare students for the 21st century AME workforce. I will bring my 15 years of industry experience and 13 years of supporting statewide AME programs to our collaborative visioning conversations to support pathway development, high quality programs of study and workforce pipelines for your AME students.
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Professional Learning


Maintaining rigorous curriculum,  relevant industry connections and certification and a focused career component are essential to preparing students for the highly competitive AME workforce. I can work with you to design Professional Learning, support curriculum development and provide direct instructional support and coaching for teachers to strengthen a variety of AME Pathways.

Direct Program Support

We all know that work flow changes, sometimes it's grant writing, sometimes it's supporting a new teacher, sometimes you need to prep programs for Federal Program Monitoring. AME Consulting can contract  to provide variety of direct support services from teacher coaching, to grant review, budget allocation and analysis, to federal and state funding Compliance compliance. Let us help you prepare for state or federal program monitoring.

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